Order the perfect cake online

Order the Perfect Cake Online

Do you find yourself scrolling through the internet to order the perfect cake online but are overwhelmed with too many choices? 

We get you. Having the perfect cake for any occasion makes everything so much better. Over here at Just Dabao, we have curated 8 of our partnering online cake shops for your online cake orders, ranging from established brands to Home-Based Businesses (HBBs), that are perfect for you and your loved ones. At the same time, join us to reduce food waste by buying surplus cakes at great discounts.

Bakers Brew

On 1 October 2021, Baker’s Brew studio launched the first-ever Coriander cake in Singapore and has since sparked a controversial debate between the coriander-haters and the coriander-lovers. Try out their signature coriander cake for yourself at $58. Established in 2015, they serve signature handcrafted cakes, offering customisable options. If coriander cakes are not your thing, head down to try their other signature cakes, such as the Ondeh Ondeh and flourless chocolate cake. 

Bakers Brew Cale

Image by Bakers Brew 

Website: https://www.bakersbrew.com/
Instagram: bakersbrewstudio
Address: Orchard Road #05-46, K3-K4 Singapore 238859


Tired of the same old flavours and feeling a tad adventurous? Pandakery is here to quench that thirst for adventure. This HBB offers bento cakes with unconventional and quirky flavours (think sesame salted egg and maple bacon). Or instead, life has enough drama, and you want to stay in your comfort zone (we won’t tell anyone) - Pandakery is famous for its fruit cakes like the Mango Lychee mousse cake that got influencer Thebreadangel calling it one of the best fruit cakes in Singapore. Indulge in their bento cakes at $18.

Maple Bacon Bento Cake, PandakeryImage by Pandakery

Instagram: the.pandakery

Haengbok Cakeyo

Just finished binge-watching squid game, and now you are inspired to try all things Korean? Jump into the trend and purchase these Korean-inspired bento chiffon cakes. They are available only for takeaway at their shop located at Kampong Bahru. Customise your bento cakes (only available via online cake orders) into your favourite squid game character. Try their customisable Bento Cakes at just $29.80! Haengbok Cakeyo also offers baking classes so that you can try your hand at creating your own bento cake. 

Haengbok CakeyoImage by Haengbok Cakeyo

Website: https://hbcy.sg/
Instagram: haengbok.cakeyo
Address: 41 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 168358

Temptations Cakes

Relive your childhood or impress your grandparents with cakes from Temptations Cakes. Established in 1985, they have won the hearts of the old and young with their signature cakes such as the Signature Chocolate Etoile, Tiramisu, and the Premium Durian Cake. Treat yourself to the Ultimate Chocolate Etoile cake at $95.

They pride themselves in delivering high-quality confections at affordable prices and have never disappointed over 30 years in their business. Be sure to order your cakes online 3 days in advance if you want them customised. 

Temptations Cakes

Image by Temptations Cakes

Address: 42 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427766
Website: https://temptationscakes.com.sg/
Instagram: Temptationscakes

Have you heard of the term “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”? Well, now you can! At Just Dabao, you can order your favourite cakes at an amazing value for money and help to combat our food waste problem in Singapore.

Order now!

Save Food, Save Money & Save the planet.

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