Support 3 causes with 1 purchase

Support 3 causes with 1 purchase

We wanted to go beyond saving food. Being a social enterprise with a sustainable mission, we would love to support other green causes as well. For our Just Plant! initiative, with the support of the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment, we have partnered susGain to encourage you to go greener.

We launched a series of limited edition reusable tote bags which you could stand a chance to receive when you purchase a Shiok Bag! These bags have been distributed randomly across our merchants. 
In each bag, there lies a QR code. Scan the QR to plant a tree for free (via susGain’s app) in support of the Eden Reforestation Project in Indonesia!

Plant - Just Dabao

That’s not all. Did you know that our tote bags are designed by two very talented individuals, each with their own story?

Our Special Tote Bag Designs

Tote Bag - Just Dabao   Tote Bag - Just Dabao

We desire to extend the social impact we create. To promote inclusivity, we have partnered with 2 social service organizations to design our tote bags. We wanted to provide a platform for special-needs artists to showcase their art pieces and give them recognition for their talent. The tree-themed designs were lovingly done by Katy of the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) and Nabil, a student of MINDS Towner Gardens School.

Katy, Artist - Just Dabao

Katy developed her visual impairment as an adult due to the removal of a tumor in her optic nerves which resulted in her losing sight in her right eye and only having tunnel vision on her left. A volunteer and client of SAVH’s art and handicraft programme, “Touch Art”, Katy and her team of volunteers help other visually handicapped individuals learn new skills, identify their capability and talents, stay mentally active and connect with the community. 

Nabil, Artist - Just DabaoNabil, a 9-year-old student, is part of the junior class in MINDS Towner Gardens School. He enjoys eating a variety of food including chicken rice, nasi lemak and doughnuts. He also likes singing, dancing and painting with paint brushes and his fingers. He feels proud of himself when he helps his teacher in class.

Support 3 causes with 1 purchase

By purchasing a Shiok Bag, you are not just doing your part to reduce food waste in Singapore. You are also helping with reforestation efforts and supporting artists with special needs!

What are you waiting for? Start saving surplus food on Just Dabao and be part of this special, meaningful initiative!

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