Top Food Sustainability TikTokers in Singapore

Top Food Sustainability TikTokers in Singapore

There’s no doubt that TikTok plays a big part in our lives. TikTok has a staggering 689 million monthly active users worldwide (DataReportal, 2021), and users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the app (Wallaroomedia, 2021).

Apart from using TikTok to showcase creativity and bring entertainment, many Singaporeans have an increased sense of urgency about building a more sustainable Earth and have created profiles to advocate low-waste lifestyles to reduce our carbon impact.

Here are 4 of our home-grown sustainability advocates!

Just Dabao

Just Dabao is now on TikTok! We have recognised the profound impact of TikTok, and we hope that through this platform, we can spread greater awareness of the food wastage issue in Singapore and eventually solve it.

You can look forward to weekly videos, where we feature Shiok Bags from our partnering merchants and educational videos to educate you on how you can incorporate steps to reduce food waste in your lifestyle! 


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Did you know that we have neighbourhood composting facilities in Singapore? @Environmentalistvani, also known as Sarvani Reddy, recently gained traction for her video titled “Donate Kitchen Waste with Me”, which has garnered a whopping 102.7k views! In this video, she brings us on a journey to put her kitchen waste to good use by donating them to her neighbourhood composting facility. The video even caught the attention of a Mediacorp journalist, leading to her feature on Mediacorp’s Suria, allowing her to speak about her sustainability efforts.



If you live in the east side of Singapore, you should definitely check this out! #composting #ecofriendly #sustainable #zerowaste #foodwaste

♬ Sunny Day - Ted Fresco



Founded by Melissa Lim, Bamboostrawgirl is a Social enterprise that combats single-use plastics. They started selling bamboo straws and have since expanded their collection to other reusables, such as cutleries and even female menstrual essentials! Join Melissa Lim on TikTok @bamboostrawgirl as she shares low-waste tips, recipes and behind the scenes of her packing Bamboostrawgirl’s orders.



Add a note if you want me to post a video of your orders 🤗💚 always love seeing what people pick! #sgtiktok #smallbusiness #singapore #packingorders

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Scoop Wholefoods

Supermarkets may potentially generate lots of waste due to their nature of business, but not Scoop wholefoods! With over 7 different outlets, Scoop lets you shop waste-free for affordable and premium groceries sourced from ethical suppliers. In addition, all packaging provided are either biodegradable or made from recyclable materials that can be reused for your next trip.  With over 6000 followers on TikTok, they showcase the vast variety of groceries you can purchase and provide you with recipes for the various dishes you can create with their produce.  



Available in all stores (Great World, Tanglin Mall, PLQ, Jem. Paragon, Raffles City), while stocks last! ##sgtiktok ##fyp ##scoopwholefoodsingapore

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TikTok provides fantastic opportunities to reach more people and educate them about the importance and urgency of saving the Earth. With advocates such as the TikTokers listed above, we can all raise more awareness and speed up Earth’s recovery. 

Did we miss any other sustainability advocates on our list?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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