Frequently Asked Questions


What's in the Shiok Bag?

Simply put, its the unsold food from an eatery. You will know the cuisine, google rating, and proximity of the eatery to help inform your decision. You can also filter by diet type: Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal or Any.

Sounds exciting! How do I get started?

It's really simple. Go to the products page, look for a meal nearby, and pre pay on the website. At the pick up time mentioned, go to the eatery to collect your Shiok Bag.

How do I collect the food I've ordered?

You will have received a confirmation email with the name and address of the eatery. Show it to the staff at the eatery during your pick up window.
Some of the orders can be scheduled for a pick up date/time. Customers can schedule the slot with the help of our trusty customer service.
If the order is not picked up during agreed upon slot, the order is considered fulfilled and no refunds can be processed.

What if the food I picked up is not edible?

Please get in touch with us at with your order number and some pictures of the food you picked up.

The store cancelled my order. What do I do now?

Eateries sometimes experience unanticipated sales and left with no unsold food. At those times, they will cancel your reservation. Your money will be refunded and you can place an order at a different store.

E-Gift Card

What is an e-Gift Card? and what happens to the e-Gift Cards I purchase?

An E-Gift card on Just Dabao is convenient way to help the community and reduce food waste. Compared to the traditional donations model, an e-Gift card provides the recipient the freedom to choose their choice of food.
Once an e-Gift Card is purchased, we find the eligible beneficiary through our partner organizations such as Daughters of Tomorrow and ONE Singapore. The selected beneficiary will receive the e-Gift Card code which they will redeem on our website.

How do I redeem my e-Gift Card?

A gift card holds a balance, which can be spent over more than one order. Gift Card balances are applied to the total order value. If you purchased a gift card or someone has purchased for you, then you should've received an email with a 16 digit unique code from
Redeeming your gift card is simple. You may follow the below two step process.
1. On, go to the 'Order' menu and add your preferred Shiok Bag to the cart.
2. At checkout, use your unique code to redeem the value of your e-gift card and complete your order. This code is not case sensitive.
Hurray! Your order is complete. Go pick up your exciting, delicious Shiok bag at your pick up slot!
Note: If the balance available on the gift card is less than the order total, then the customer is prompted to choose a second payment method for the balance before placing the order.

What benefit does donating e-Gift Cards bring to beneficiaries as opposed to donating food?

The ability to choose is an important part of empowerment, and e-Gift Cards provide the flexibility for beneficiaries to choose what food they want and when they want it.


How do I join as a partner?

Email with your contact details and we will onboard you in a day.


How do I use barePack?

1. On the order page filter for barePack merchants
2. Select the barePack option under container options
3. Download the barePack app. Free to try!
4. Just Dabao customer service team will confirm the order with you via SMS
5. Pick-up at the store. Scan barePack QR code at store
6. Show the success screen to the cashier and enjoy your eco friendly meal!
7. You can keep the containers as long as you are a barePack member
8. To return, visit one of our 150+ locations using the barePack app