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  • Cookies - Braddell - Just Dabao
  • Cookies - Braddell - Just Dabao
  • Cookies - Braddell - Just Dabao
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Cookies - Braddell

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Location & Pick Up Info

🕙 Sun 4:30pm - 9pm

🚶🏻‍♂️5 min Braddell MRT


Reduced sugar, healthier choice swirly & thick fudgy cookies with unique flavours.

Swirly Cookie flavours: Butter, Cocoa, Matcha Oreo.

Thick Fudgy Cookie flavours: Levain Dark chocolate, Hojicha chocolate chip, Matcha Biscoff. 

Gluten-free, No pork, no lard. 

Although your Shiok bag will definitely contain bakery items, the exact items will only be known at pick-up. Eateries fill in whatever unsold food they have left for the day into the Shiok Bag. While you get a surprise at an ultra-low price, the eateries get flexibility. Win + Win.

You will know the eatery's name and address through email after you make the purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Linah Lui

I bought a shiok bag, and must say the cookies are yummy, and to my liking. The Hojicha chocolate chip cookie was not too sweet, I could taste the nutty Hojicha taste and love it! And I love soft cookies too!! Keep up the fab work and thank you for baking for us 😍

Yummy Cookies

Purchased a cookie Shiok Bag via Just Dabao. Contains 3 large Hojicha Choc Chip Cookies. Each one was thick, and not too sweet with the chocolate goodness balanced out with the slightly bitter Hojicha flavour. Would purchase again:)

Tin Wing
Great Cookie

The cookie from bearilicious is great! Not too sweet but rich in chocolate. Love it, will get them again