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Cake, Cookies - Hougang

Regular price $10.50
Regular price $15.00 Sale price $10.50

Location & Pick Up Info

🕙 Today after 7 pm

🚶🏻‍♂️ 24 min Hougang MRT

Home-based: A bakery specialized in pound cakes, cookies and Madeleines with a wide variety of flavours such as orange pomegranate, lemon drizzle, yuzu, pistachio and many more! Flawlessly baked and tangy.

Although, your Shiok bag will definitely contain bakery-related food, the exact items will be known at pick up. Eateries fill in whatever unsold food they have left for the day into the Shiok Bag. While, you get a surprise at ultra low price, the eateries get flexibility. Win + Win.

You will know the eatery's name and address through email after you make the purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Nice cakes

Ordered 2 boxes this time to share with friends and got 1 mini lemon cake, 2 assorted cookies and 3 orange coconut madelines in each box.
Love their cakes and cookies. Was a little bummed that there was just 1 cake in the box but I guess that's part of the fun and randomness of getting a shiok bag!

A delightful treat

Little did I expect the lovely surprise when I opened the box. Delightful treats indeed. Lovely baker, lovely bakes and lovely app.

Great treat

Got 2 mini cakes and 3 cookies. The bakes were delicious and presented beautifully. Would buy again.

Very good cookies

I got a cookie box of 6 for $10.50, 3 different flavors. A tad sweet for us but they are very very stuffed and yummy. Will definitely look out for her bakes again! Thank u!

Worth for money, can give a try

Was offerred with assorted box of the mth( 1 lemon loaf, 3 stuffed cookies). Feel value for money