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Gift Card for the Singapore Association for the Deaf

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Established in 1955, the Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) has been serving the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing community for the past six decades. They continue to lead in advocating equal opportunity, in all aspects, for the Deaf and supporting the Deaf to integrate and contribute to society. 
As of ending FY20/21, SADeaf has a registrar of over 6,000 clients with varying degrees of hearing loss and has been supporting them through a series of support initiatives and programmes ranging from hearing care, financial assistance, job employment, legal services, counseling, training, and social integration activities.

Currently, an annual operating expense projected at S$5million is required to ensure key services remain accessible to their existing clients and to support more in need in time to come. SADeaf garners this much needed funds through daily appeals and all assistance big and small will go a long way in ensuring their causes continue and those in need are served with the best available resource.

Please visit their website at to find how you can support the Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and Deafblind community.